Network is getting reset after reboot.
Hello , Oh problems and problems.
I am facing another problem now with my VPS. When I am setting a static IP to a adapter after reboot its resting , al my configs are gone every time i reboot VPS.

Yes I have added and made changes to /networks file but the same issue after reboot. anybody with any solutions? 
PHP Code:
sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces 

This also failed after restart.

using Openvz vps with solusvm control panel.
It has something to do with openvz. cat /etc/network/interfaces
# This configuration file is auto-generated.
# WARNING: Do not edit this file, your changes will be lost.
# Please create/edit /etc/network/interfaces.head and /etc/network/interfaces.tail instead,
# their contents will be inserted at the beginning and at the end
# of this file, respectively.
So Say We All
OpenVZ will always reset the network configuration on reboot!!! All changes made to network configurations will be wiped during that process.

You need to write a script that will modify the network configuration at boot after OpenVZ has reset the network configurations.
Do you gys have anything like a tutorial that i can follow?
Does KVM has this issue?
This is not an issue! This is default by design with OpenVZ because when OpenVZ containers are booted their configuration is loaded up every time and this will always reset a lot of settings inside the container.

KVM does not do this. KVM is a close to a real server as it can be. So modifications you made to files usually stick as long as there is no other script or program that you setup that reverts changes (like chattr or others). So if you edit the network configuration on a KVM VPS it will be saved and stay so as you configured it until the next change by you or a program.

Did you read xaoc's post and try his solution? As far as I know you can still run your own network scripts on OpenVZ but you have to make custom files instead of editing default network configuration files. I did it when I ran Tunnel Broker IPv6 through tb_userspace over TUN/TAP. It worked and OpenVZ didn't modify my custom network script files.
Well I am trying to solve this problem .
etherwise I have to add it manully everytime server reboots. Its realy a pain .

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