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We are happy to announce that we have now upgraded to a new premium client area.
All our clients have been moved to new client area.

New Client Area:

The thread is updated due to updates.
These are our new updates:
1. We are now selling Europe Web Hosting, starting at same LOWEST PRICE, that is $0.50/month, please read the thread to know the specifications.
2. Domain prices has been updated.
3. USA Shared Hosting now have an allowance of 90% CPU Usage.
4. All of our Shared Hosting accounts are now updated to 1 GB Virtual Memory, since it was less in some accounts. However this issue is fixed now.
5. More features of our Shared Hosting are now listed in this thread.
6. USA is now also moved to a better host since there were some downtimes in our old USA hosting.
7. All our Shared Hosting now have SSD Disk, both in Europe and USA.

We have got some good updates!
Now you can resell our web hosting, and start your own business.
The reseller web hosting packages start from just $2/month, with so many features. All of our packages comes with WHM which helps you manage the customer with ease. All the Web Hosting and Resellers packages have SSD.

Here you can get more information about our resellers packages:

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