Recent misuse cases of the reputation function
honestly? I think we should leave the rep system out of the score calculator, the administration team can't always be moderating rep points.
rep points should just be there to show the community's appreciation for your contributions, in fact, there should be an option to turn off rep points in your user control panel or as suggested above allow only VPS owners to rate or people with a set amount of posts eg 100 post minimum to rate
(2016-10-15, 2:42:22 am)MichaelW Wrote:  in fact, there should be an option to turn off rep points in your user control panel

Sadly there is no way to do this. Even @HR has to remove rep that people put on him manually.
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Its really hard to control reputation abuse. I have seen this happening in even massive web master forums. Some of those have already disabled thete rep system.

Maybe if rep points dont consider for the vps score then people will stop abusing the rep system.
(2016-10-15, 2:42:22 am)MichaelW Wrote:  honestly? I think we should leave the rep system out of the score calculator, the administration team can't always be moderating rep points.
rep points should just be there to show the community's appreciation for your contributions

I agree.  If the rep system is taken out of the score calculator, then maybe the abuse will stop.  On the other hand there are some members in the community who are making awesome posts, and at least the rep system provides some way of rewarding them for the effort they have made.  It may even encourage them to make more quality posts.  So I like the rep system.  I love quality posts.  And if this is going to make people make more quality posts, I'm all for it.  Since this is a post for hosting forum, then it is also fair that those who are spending more time on their posts, should be rewarded for their effort in points that will also provide them with additional points for competing for VPSs. 

Maybe we need some guidelines for the rep values?  I'm a little worried, as when I first joined in February and read the rules, the rules say not to do the short "thank you" posts and to give a rep instead.  Some posts may not necessarily be of value to every one else, and it could be a one-liner, yet one still wants to say thank you to the person.  Maybe we need a "thank you" button with a Rose - like we used to get with the earlier versions of mybb?  And use that for this category post rather than a rep point?  Unless the post merits a rep?  It should be something more than "like" though.  The "thank you" button with the rose looked really good for this type of "thank you" response.

Also, is there a way that the points could be modified so they default to 1 point instead of 2?  Right after I joined freevps, I found myself once or twice giving 2 points without thinking because of the system defaulting to 2 instead of 1.  Also, could one add another value of points 3?  Like 3 points for a really great post like a very good and long review where it is obvious the person must have spent lots of time on it.  2 points for a real quality post that could be of short length as well and 1 point for a thank you for a suggestion or link? Would it be possible to add a guidelines of the points against the points inside the scroll down of the points so as to help everyone decide which number of points they should be giving.  Like next to 1 point say what one would give 1 point for, next to 2 and 3 points define what they are for.  So mistakes can be minimized.

Another suggestion is to create a separate group for giving rep points and restrict the group to members with X number of points. This would assure that those who are giving reps will have been around for a while and maybe have a greater understanding for giving rep points.
Well, taking out the reputation from being a factor in score calculation and points would be indeed most likely our next step if the misuse and abuse will continue despite announcements like this one.

For new we still consider it to be kept active.
Good idea guys. The reputation system should be fairly used for everybody. Smile
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What about a separate section where HR and some other moderators can collaborate and write about it? So new members or even members like me knows how to give reputation, actually when and why one should give reputation to someone. Ofcourse this thread is no less than warning to those reputation abusers but; Honestly, what I think is if you feel like saying thanks to someone, I hit the rate button. Some other cases are: Someone helped me out, Someone made me laugh.

Pointing nobody won't get the solution I guess. So for sake of clarification I think sticky thread (describing the proper use, do's and don'ts of rate button ) will be more than good for all the freevps forum members.
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In my opinion, taking the reputation points out of the score calculation would most likely have little impact on the abuse. Throughout  this short life that I've had I noticed that people just do stuff like this without even realizing why they do it. Maybe a weird example but take alcohol for example. There's nothing wrong with having a small amount every now and then. But because there are so many that are abusing it, should it somehow get banned? And even if it gets banned officially. Do you think it would prevent the people that used to abuse it from consuming any? No really. In the end, the only affected ones will be the ones that used it properly.

If I start listing how many times I've helped some people and not received reputation points then I'd need more then one post to do it. But also if I start counting the times I've received reputation points for things that did not seem reputable (so to speak) to me. Then we'd have a pretty a pretty long list there as well. But I simply didn't bother about it. I just let them cancel out each other Cheese

I still remember the time when the posts in the spam section were counted towards the user points. There are a good amount of topics there where you can write loads of content without anyone caring about it. Which could probably allow me to rack up a large number of points. But that just didn't feel right. And all these other times when I could've abused the forum. But for some reason it just doesn't seem right.

Anyway, I realized I've wen't a bit off-topic there. Long story short, I'm glad that the issue was finally acknowledge officially (not that it wasn't before but it relied on people having common sense. and clearly some of us don't have it) and it was made clear that further abuse will no longer be tolerated. Honestly, you should have a topic/page somewhere that lists users which abused the system. Ignoring the past of course. That way, more users will keep an eye on those people to make sure they don't abuse it again. Might seem like public shaming at first but it raises the suspicion of regular users towards them. Relieving some of the staff members from always having to monitor these people. Probably the best idea but just throwing it out here.
I'm a member of this generous servce of FreeVPS and i thinkAdmins can ban the members abuse of reputations.
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Reputation... I never thought of it as anything particularly important, except for being that green number in your statistics besides every post.

I really don't understand why people want so much of something useless (or next to useless).
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