[CLOSED] 2 VPSs Available! - October Giveaway 2016
Everyone forget about vps 13, it will be mine,
Just joking not going to apply, good luck to thise applying for it.
Wow, what a great ang big giveaway haha!
There will be a lot competition to the VPS 13, but I'm going to apply for the VPS 2 xD
Good luck to everyone!
VPS 16 by HostUS.
Thanks FreeVPS Smile
(2016-10-15, 7:24:58 am)xfix Wrote:  (by the way, for those who are worried about not getting VPS 13 due to my points, don't worry, I'm not applying for that one, I wouldn't have anything to do with 8GB of RAM, would rather prefer somebody who has an use for that to get it)

Glad to hear that there is still user having high points won't apply because he knows someone else has a real use for that. Smile

I myself do need 8GB RAM, but I have a feeling that my chance is very slim.
Yeah VPS13 seems to have great specs. But i dont see any good KVM vps this time. I dont have enough posts or points to win a vps this time so good luck for everyone who requesting servers from thid give away.
A VPS 14 has been added to the giveaway VPS pool after the former holder has cancelled it.
The VPS 13 is a beast, good luck to everyone who's applying for it, really nice specs.
Thank you Evolution-Host and FreeVPS for the VPS 6

[Image: img.php?userid=19316]
I'm gonna skip and wait for November - my 18 does good already.
Edit - I think I'm gonna get VPS 2. It'll be a nice one. Smile
hi, I'm tmwc.
I'm not active here anymore.
Good luck to All who going to apply for a vps and vps 13 specifications are soo cool but i am not applying because i know i cant get Tounge
[Image: img.php?userid=19215]
Hahaha, that VPS 13. Not even gonna try and apply for it. Good luck everyone!
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I might try my luck, good luck to whoever participating. Lots of awesome VPSs to choose from, gonna be a hard decision.

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