Poll: Trump or Hillary
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Hillary Clinton
8 61.54%
Donald Trump
5 38.46%
Total 13 vote(s) 100%
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Trump or Hillary?
Ha ha, everyone in and out of usa seems really concerned now that our Trex Trump is on the show. God bless America and god bless us.
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(2017-01-21, 8:42:47 pm)RebornLegacy Wrote:  Yeah I was watching. Happy that I didn't wake up to see a wall on the news ahaha

Who did you think was better, @karatekidmonkey?

Heh, yeah, agreed Smile

I would have voted for Hillary, myself (or maybe @MichaelW). How about you?
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I'm a Trump Supporter, and I am 15. I was raised right. Here is my opinions for some of you...

(2016-10-15, 11:16:26 am)Rubyjunk7 Wrote:  Is this a joke? Haha. Unfortunately, it's a sick world we live in. We cannot keep our decent-ish President Obama, and we must choose between - Mrs. Email scandal disaster lying piece of... or just an outright disaster - Trump. Put him in charge of our country and wait for the Canadians to build their own walls in anticipation of the incoming landslide of Americans migrating.


Possible options:

1) He's an idiot
2) He's a troll
3) He knows something we don't Oops

"conservative"? Take that out. Those sites that are insane. Period.


You are an idiot. Using ad homonym attacks don't mean anything. Please provide proof that he actually did that.

(2016-10-15, 8:50:19 pm)MichaelW Wrote:  umm...

If you have any proof that he actually did that to her, then it would be appreciated. If she really felt like she was violated, she would have contacted the police. She would not have waited 10 or so years to all of a sudden come out about something that has a 99.9% chance of being made up.


All people saying that Donald Trump is not your president, grow up. Because he is your president, whether you like it or not. If you do not like the US or the president, who is keeping you here? Just leave. As an American who saw what the future of the country if Clinton was president, Donald Trump was the clear choice. The Clintons are very corrupt and disgusting people.
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I'm going to lock this before it gets any more heated
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