Is there a free VPS out there?
I'm looking for a free VPS (doesn't have to be big, just maybe 256MB RAM, maybe 5-10GB disk space, and Windows or Linux (doesn't matter). My new hobby is writing mods for a Minecraft-like game and I want to write up the mods on a VPS, not my physical PC
Gary White of San Francisco, CA, Earth
Well, first off: a warm welcome to the community! You're in the right place - you can obtain a VPS in the next giveaway.

VPS 3 and 6 meet your requirements - they are both KVM servers, so Windows is supported. They both have 512MB of RAM.

Anyway, if you need any information on requesting a server, feel free to give any member in the community a nudge!
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First welcome to the community, Please read this thread that has all the info you need to know about getting a free VPS. Besure to read the bottom too for how to apply/how many posts you need
Good day. Welcome to FREEVPS community, a place where you can get what you mentioned - even better, by simply posting meaningful content every single month you intend to keep the vps.
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