Late Missing Posts Notification - October 2016

Administrators already know my situation. Just I want to help end the problems. I will give my best.
Special Thanks to ZxPlay and Staff FreeVPS for VPS nº7

[Image: show_img.php?userid=13419&vpscount=1]
In case others like me were searching for the script for a post counter for their signature bloc (took me a while to find it).  Here's the code I use for creating the image style counter in my signature bloc:

Spoiler: show


You've got to replace the zeroes in the above code with your ID number.  You get your user ID by clicking on the link in your user name and then checking the number in the address line of your browser.

If it's for one VPS then it's vpscount=1 and for 2 VPSs =2. 

You can also generate the post counter code from here:


Not sure who to give credit to for the code - FlamesRunner or the FreeVPS Post Counter Team - FlamesRunner/S.L.C/Conan?  Thank you for sharing it with us. :cool:
@Jayce and @HXY thank you for the post counter image links. Now I can monitor my post counts a bit more accurately.
/We cannot solve our problems with the SAME THINKING we used when we CREATED THEM.
The problem with post-counter images in signature is that they add unnecessary load times to all pages where those signatures are present. Which is the reason why I've never supported them officially in my script. If anyone is that kind of lazy, just include a link where you (or anyone else) can get your post count and click on that. The images are very unnecessary and to be honest they shouldn't even be allowed.

Many thanks to FreeVPS for VPS #13 from ZXPlay and DEDI #1 from GalaxyHostPlus for providing such an amazing service. (Read: How to get a VPS here.)

The core from @S.L.C's post count script was used and I generated images with that. As for the non-image option, it simply passes details to @Conan's system and outputs it.

Also, if you want the link version, you can always disable automatic image display via your user CP.
Just wandering around, nothing more.

[Image: show_img.php?userid=12308&vpscount=2]
How difficult for the admin to automate the process? I mean both counting the posts and sending out PMs can be done with an auto script.

IMO counting the posts and sending out missing posts PMs manually can be a full-time job. So I really appreciate Chris for his efforts. But when the forum continues to grow, doing all these manually could be a headache.

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