VPS 8 sponsored by Verelox
Dear FreeVPS Directory & Discussion Community Members,

Our really great sponsor @Verelox  :y:  (VPS 12 and this new VPS) has sponsored us a brand new VPS 8 that will replace the old VPS 8 (former VPS 8 by BoneVM - they shutdown a few months ago  ;( ). This new VPS is located in the Netherlands and is almost similar to VPS 12 with just small differences in disk space (VPS 8 has SSD disks  :happy: ) and monthly traffic.

Below are the specifications of the new VPS 8:
  • 12 GB SSD Disk Space
  • 800 GB monthly data traffic
  • 512 MB RAM and custom Swap
  • 1 IPv4 and 1 IPv6 address
  • 1 Gbit/s Internet port speed
  • Powered by hardware virtualization through KVM
  • Located in the great Netherlands, EU

The VPS is already listed at https://freevps.us/announcement-13.html and at https://freevps.us/compare/#8,12 - in addition to that it will be of course available in this months giveaway.

We would like to thank @Verelox for their great sponsored VPSs and their awesome support for us and our members.  :party:  :clap:  <3

Yours faithfully

Administration & Staff
FreeVPS Directory & Discussion
@Verelox Hello, Welcome to freevps community. Thanks for this VPS 8 and VPS12.

Is a great VPS and i think is a first vps byfreevps with SSD right??

Huge Thanks!
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I think there was one, but burn me if I can remember what it is.
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Thank you @Verelox for a new VPS on this rare location (Netherlands).
I can say only good things about your service. :y:

Everyone can check their uptime which is very good: https://verelox.com/status/
Welcome to This forum Verelox,
Thanks for sponsoring.
btw what you mean by custom Swap ?
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(2016-11-09, 3:20:31 am)HMR Wrote:  btw what you mean by custom Swap ?

The VPS is a KVM VPS and therefore you can modify the size of the swapfile or even remove the swapfile totally (and add it again if you need it later on). This is pretty common on real hardware and hardware virtualization based services as you have full control over the VPS and it acts more like real hardware. Hence why you aren't limited like you are when using OpenVZ/Virtouzzo/Docker/LXC.

EDIT: The VPS compare page actually mentions what I said above about the custom Swap. You should really read the legend with the stars.
Please, when commenting on threads such as this, keep in mind that you still have to follow the forum rules such as not to post thanks posts and use the reputation function properly with responsibility to thank the user.

The other thing is, please stop complaining and mentioning that the specifications of the VPSs are low. You get it for free and the provider sponsors it to us by giving up resources they could use for paying customers. This keeps coming every single time a smaller VPS is announced or is available in the giveaway. You either take it or leave but please don't complain about it.

Beggars can't be choosers.

All thanks posts (a big part of the posts made in this thread) and complaints have been removed.
As far as i can tell, this is an introductory sponsorship and i'm sure that if there will be no issues like abuse, Verelox will consider sponsoring higher plans(maybe).

The specs are in fact pretty decent. I see plenty bandwidth, the port speed is good, disk is ssd. You could host there a pretty popular website and still have room for other things. So i would like to say thanks and welcome to our community, Verelox!
So Say We All

Verelox is our sponsor for a long time already actually. They've started with VPS 12 long ago and now added the VPS 8. So this is by far not a introductory sponsorship.

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