[CLOSED] 2 VPSs Available! - November Giveaway 2016
2 VPSs Available! 

VPSs Available:
  • 1x VPS 5
  • 1x VPS 7
  • 1x VPS 8 (New!)
  • 1x VPS 11 (New!)
  • 2x VPS 15
  • 2x VPS 18
  • 1x VPS 19
  • 1x VPS 21
  • 1x VPS 25
  • 1x VPS 27
Compare VPSs here: https://freevps.us/compare/#5,7,8,11,15,18,19,21,25,27

We would also like to thank @Verelox for the brand new VPS 8!
And another special thanks to @JanuszC and @Optimus for sponsoring us another VPS 27 and adding a brand new VPS 11.

The winners will be decided on Friday 18th November 2016

Good Luck!

Important note if you are applying for a VPS 15. Please include in your request which operating system you would like installed, and in which location you want the VPS (if multiple locations are available). Please say if you have no preference, and the first location available will be selected automatically. If you do not specify which OS you want, your request may be ignored, and given to another requesting user.

Information on owning two VPSs:

Please read the information in this thread for information on owning 2 VPSs: https://freevps.us/thread-17136.html

  1. By applying for a VPS, you agree to our Terms & Conditions.
  2. Make sure you meet the requirements, the requirements page also details how you can go about applying for a VPS.
  3. If you want a VPS, post your application in the VPS Requests forum (before you do this read How to apply).
  4. Read the how to apply guide before applying. Applications in a wrong format or with missing entries may be ignored!
  5. Read the game server policy before applying!
Good luck to whoever going to apply, I'm currently happy with my VPSs. VPS 5 and VPS 7 looks awesome though!
This month's giveaway looks really good, a lot of VPS available with nice RAM, and also nice to see a new location of VPS sponsored by Verelox! Smile
Good luck to everyone.
This month giveaway looks good with high End Vps.

If any VPS with good spec from LA, really i would pick.
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Thanks to HostDare for VPS
This time many powerful servers: VPS 5 and VPS 7, VPS8. Good luck to everyone. Verelox, ZXPlay and GalaxyHostPlus are all great providers.
I have no experience with the other providers but I'm sure that they are great too if they sponsor this community.
Wow! Vps7 is in this month's giveaway. Tempted to apply but my post is low and am satisfied with vps2. Anyways best of luck to everyone applying.
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(2016-11-16, 2:44:29 am)coolbreeze Wrote: Wow! Vps7 is in this month's giveaway. Tempted to apply but my post is low and am satisfied with vps2. Anyways best of luck to everyone applying.

VPS 2 is definately a nice, solid VPS. I'm glad that there are a lot of KVM VPSes this time around, I need one to start testing Docker Smile
Damn, my previous #1 didn't even reached the list Laugh

Many thanks to FreeVPS for VPS #13 and ZXPlay for providing such an amazing service. (Read: How to get a VPS here.)
(2016-11-16, 4:42:18 am)S.L.C Wrote: Damn, my previous #1 didn't even reached the list Laugh

I was a bit confused about that myself, @HR mentioned it should be coming up... maybe issues? idk
Good luck to everyone who is applying, I'm happy with what I have.

Again, thanks to @Verelox for their new VPS 8! Laugh
-karatekidmonkey (https://codeco.pw)
Thanks to ZXPlay for my VPS!



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