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Introduction: Hi guys recently i recived a vps from Post4vps.com so here is the review.

Disk Space 20 GB SSD


IP Addresses: 1x IPv4

Virtualization: OpenVZ

Monthly Traffic: Unlimited

Location:  France

Control Panel: SolusVM

Connection: 1Gbps

Control Panel

Sharpservers Using an Soulsvm Control panel, Which is very easy to use and very friendly control panel and soulvm control panel has been used by many VPSs Company i think you all know that control panel but those who never used Soulvm Control Panel i will share a picture of soulvm control panel.

[Image: 2vcjarc.png]


FreeVPS BenchMarks Script V2 By Hidden Refugee

Benchmark started on Fri Nov 11 16:26:44 EST 2016

Full benchmark log: /root/bench.log

System Info


Processor       : Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz

CPU Cores       : 4

Frequency       : 3990.640 MHz

Memory          : 1024 MB

Swap            : 0 MB

Uptime          : 5 days, 4:33,

OS              : Debian GNU/Linux 8

Arch            : x86_64 (64 Bit)

Kernel          : 2.6.32-042stab120.5

Hostname        : vps13

Speedtest (IPv4 only)


Your public IPv4 is XX.XXX.XX.XXX

Location                Provider        Speed

CDN                     Cachefly        21.3MB/s

Atlanta, GA, US         Coloat          7.86MB/s

Dallas, TX, US          Softlayer       17.1MB/s

Seattle, WA, US         Softlayer       12.4MB/s

San Jose, CA, US        Softlayer       13.6MB/s

Washington, DC, US      Softlayer       19.4MB/s

Tokyo, Japan            Linode          7.80MB/s

Singapore               Softlayer       7.90MB/s

Rotterdam, Netherlands  id3.net         67.1MB/s
Haarlem, Netherlands    Leaseweb        81.3MB/s

Speed Test:

root@vps13:~# speedtest-cli --share
Retrieving speedtest.net configuration...
Retrieving speedtest.net server list...
Testing from OVH (XX.XXX.XX.XXX)...
Selecting best server based on latency...
Hosted by Orange (Paris) [1.88 km]: 17.191 ms
Testing download speed........................................
Download: 591.05 Mbits/s
Testing upload speed..................................................
Upload: 95.08 Mbits/s

Speed Test Result Image
[Image: 1813ih.png]

Disk Speed

I/O (1st run)   : 1.1 GB/s
I/O (2nd run)   : 1.5 GB/s
I/O (3rd run)   : 1.3 GB/s
Average I/O     : 1.3 MB/s

Disk Space

root@vps13:~# df -h
Filesystem         Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/ploop25294p1   20G  920M   18G   5% /
devtmpfs           512M     0  512M   0% /dev
tmpfs              512M     0  512M   0% /dev/shm
tmpfs              512M   53M  460M  11% /run
tmpfs              5.0M     0  5.0M   0% /run/lock
tmpfs              512M     0  512M   0% /sys/fs/cgroup
tmpfs              512M     0  512M   0% /tmp
none               512M     0  512M   0% /run/shm

Read/Write Speed

root@vps13:~# dd if=/dev/zero of=test bs=64k count=16k conv=fdatasync

16384+0 records in

16384+0 records out
1073741824 bytes (1.1 GB) copied, 0.914086 s, 1.2 GB/s


root@vps13:~# time sh -c "dd if=/dev/zero of=ddfile bs=8k count=250000 && sync"; rm ddfile

250000+0 records in
250000+0 records out

2048000000 bytes (2.0 gb) copied, 1.79559 s, 1.1 gb/s

real   0m1.876s

user    0m0.31s
sys     0m1.500s

Personal Openion

So, as you guys saw the vps has great specifications and also working as i used 5 days and i got no downtime and nothing and the vps is perfect for my use because its does not lagg my gaming server and other things recently i watched a vps which have the same specification but vps was laggy.

Final Rating: 10/10 /// the vps works perfect for me so i give 10/10 if you guys know any fact please share below

Provider: Sharpservers
Provided To Me: By Post4vps site

Thanks for reading my review
[Image: img.php?userid=19215]
Thats I/O speed looks like too good to be true. Is it an ploop container?
(2016-11-18, 6:21:43 am)HXY Wrote:  Thats I/O speed looks like too good to be true. Is it an ploop container?

Yes, based on the
df -h
Filesystem         Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/ploop25294p1   20G  920M   18G   5% /
hi, I'm tmwc.
I'm not active here anymore.
Usually OVH Upload/Download are about the same. I've never seen such drastic differences before. You're getting a good amount of output from this VPS, congratulations.
[Image: img.php?userid=8551]
That's a pretty darn good VPS. Nice network. Read and write speeds. Decent for a gameserver indeed.
Thanks For the VPS 18 FreeVPS.

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Like @HXY and @The Man Who Can said, it is ploop, so dd will (inevitably) provide inaccurate measurements.

Use this instead:

hdparm -t <where storage is mounted>
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This is prefect VPS for a high traffic website or a gameserver since the network is good and you have unlimited bandwidth.
It seems good quality VPS. Especially traffic and network.
20GB SSD is also a normal.Between a little swap may help in efficiency.
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I think you should've done more tests on the disk to show the real IO. as these results are obviously fucked up with.

Good network speed, the upload speed and download speed are the same on OVH, but here it's not because it seem like there are other servers on the same node that were serving users(uploading) at that time. so that's most likely why the upload speed is not the same as the download speed.
The network is very good, so are the specifications of the server, I generally like it :)

EDIT: I'm not too sure about them now, their policies are quite the restrictive, and allows them to easily terminate/suspend the customer's account over anything really.
It's Too good.. My free Amazon ec2 scrore far less than your vps performance
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