Stephen Hawking says we've got about 1,000 years to find a new place to live
It won't matter much even in Mars unless whole attitude thing changes. I mean everyone will go there with nukes and everything in their arsenals. So it will be the same drama just a different day. I think the whole problem is people don't even bother to look at the problem.
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We're harming our planet in so much ways, starts from the wars to gain power, to the now technology which harms the Earth. Not to mention how things like planes harm the planet as it emits nitrogen oxide directly into the atmosphere at high altitudes. If the planet is gonna vanish, that would be totally because of how ignorant, aggressive people are. I guess you noticed how the weather is so unstable, that's a result of how eco-unfriendly factories, etc. There might be Ice Age 2 that destroy the humankind.
This thread made me laugh, anyone who is believing in god wouldn't even argue about the fact that we can't know s-it about the future.
A thousand years is not a long time for us because of constant development in new technologies. Innovations help us to solution to our current problems and extend our knowledge in engineering fields. Stephen Hawking always has been a funny person xD
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Is there any mathematical proof behind it ? I guess no, so I'm not going to accpet that.
To be honest, nobody here will probably have to worry about this, and if you cut it down by even 500 years later, the technology to wipe out a large meteor or anything that threatens the human race, or a plan of some sort. Obviously we will have so much more technological advanced by then.
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yes we need to find a way to live in other planet not because he said that,
but it's our nature to explore other place
But he might. Google has invested huge sum and set up calypso or something , a company doing reaches on reducing the rate of aging. He might get lucky..
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This may be different from country to country, but atleast here in Brasil, we have a lot of poluttion, and I was already with the same thinking of Hawking..
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I guess that nobody will be here in 1000 years to confirm that what he said was the truth.
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