League of legends VS Dota2
(2016-12-02, 1:14:42 am)Intrepid Wrote:  Having played both, I think League is just more comfortable for me. Have you tried Heroes of the Storm? That game I feel is easier than both LoL and Dota2

There is a difference between easier and fun.
Dota 2 is one of the hardest games to learn, but put in the time and effort and you will find one gem of a game. Try playing the hero Invoker in Dota 2, then you will understand why it is so fun in spite of being so hard. (Tip: If you don't know how you should play that hero, google it or look at an in-game guide)
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Played both the games, Dota2 for much less time however. As the other users already stated, Dota2 is definitely harder than LoL, however i prefer the last one for chilling and playing with friends Smile
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Tried both... Like League, hate Dota.
Although I keep getting back to league every single time I must confess it gets boring sometimes.... and my pc is kinda dying atm, so I hope that forces me to have a break Tounge
I will just vote for League of Legends because I have much fun on it, even if the community is crap. On Dota 2 the games are too long and they recently changed too much the game. I don't like that.
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I played it both, I am not that much of fan of MOBA genre but for 30 hours of play time in each game I can say:
Dota 2 is good game but it's hard for beginner to start, also all champions unlocked and play what you want.
LoL is also good game and it's very easy for beginner to start, but there are only few champions unlocked and you need to unlock them by getting coins and stuff.

If got back to play MOBA, I would def. choose Dota 2. I have friends who play it, I find it fun that way, it keeps you learning, and champions are unlocked
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I haven't played League Of Legends, but having played DOTA 2 I found it challenging and at the same time super exciting.

In the dormitory/hostel I have friends who play 14-15 hours of DOTA2 daily, and they too recommend DOTA over League of Legends.
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Dota 2 is actually newbie friendly than LOL, try their bot game vs LOL bot game. With LOL, bots are very stupid, and have a huge leap towards PVP. In my country however, people prefers LOL over Dota 2.
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(2017-01-30, 1:04:28 am)Lux Wrote:  Dota 2 is actually newbie friendly than LOL, try their bot game vs LOL bot game. With LOL, bots are very stupid, and have a huge leap towards PVP. In my country however, people prefers LOL over Dota 2.

I genuinely disagree with this opinion. While it might be, and seem biased coming from me as I've played League of Legends for a good 1300~ hours in total, I still think objectively DOTA 2 is far less newbie friendly than LoL. Newbie friendly isn't how good and difficult the bots are, but rather how easily integrate-able it is to new players. Which I think League is the clear winner at. I've tried DOTA 2, and even with my extensive experience in multiple MOBA's, it initially confused the hell out of me, and took me quite some time to figure out what to do or what was even going on.
(2016-11-22, 5:30:45 am)StormSpirite Wrote:  I've been playing Lol for 6 years now and i really like it.
Dispite the flamers and the feeders in its community it is one of my favourite games and no matter how much i get tilted i always go back to it.
I tried dota2 , let me be honest . It sucks . The gameplay is so weird and looks stressing.

You think dota 2 sucks because you are too lowto perform your micros :Cheese Actually , dota 2 community sucks  , i missed 2012 dota, i miss fountain hook, i miss AdmiralBuldog's Backdoor at international , i miss million dolars fissure, i also miss old Wodota actually. To be honest, game world completely going bad and it is main reason: $$$

 I believe that Gaben f*** dota for money. They bringed lots of useless patches.(Really do you liked monken kings patch ?? Did you played on 7++ patches.)
Icefrog plz show us your face and save dota community.
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I played only 2-3 matches in LoL because my friend really insisted.
I stole 9+ kills per match and made him move out of his own lane
10/10 experience,would do it again! Cheese

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