League of legends VS Dota2
Dota 2 can get you cash, They have an open inventory and u can actually trade items, Valve offer more support for professional teams and they conteniously update the game.

LOL in the other hand, I must admit that the playerbase is larger, The gameplay is more fun, The graphics are better too but i prefer Dota 2 since the communication within steam is better.
dota2 is much better than league just like most people don't play the two hand in hand
League of legends is much better then Dota 2, I play league of legends
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I like dota 2 more than League Of Legends, The launcher really hangs on my i5.
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Definitely LoL. And on the mobile i gaming on Mobile Legends
Dota vs LOL
The best game from these two is League of Legends(LOL) according to my considering.We can enjoy the game completely with wars,fighting techniques.There are many items to choose such as monsters,warriors.we can get forces,energies to kill enemies and for defense. Akali, Alister are two main characters presented within the game.
But I haven't played DOTA as I remember.I willl play it soon as possible.But I have seen some played videos of that.
Smile However I can say Leage Of Legends is the best game out of DOTA and LOL.
I love dota 2 . Well i was kind of addicted to it. Now I dont have any time to play it anymore , and all my friends are also busy working. Miss those old days.
Yeah. Everything is right....Or wrong?
i love League of Legends more than any other games i have played
it's realy cool but fps always 40 and ping 200 in sg servers
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Well, actually i like to play HotS, but between Dota en LOL, i prefer Dota and really enjoy watching its tournament more than LOL

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