Any one had bought HongKong's VPS?
(2016-12-16, 11:39:06 am)Nevermind23 Wrote: Higher price plus higher ping, I am sure that vps from Hong Kong will be much slower

That depends on the location of the user. You can never be sure that it will be much slower.
The price is higher since it's more expensive to run servers in Asia.
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i never see hosting *based hongkong location.
Did you have google it? I see much results with hongkong location on google.

Btw i'm in Asia too, just pick International Servers like singapore.
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(2016-12-15, 5:52:28 am)deanhills Wrote: I'm curious.  Why does the VPS have to be from Hongkong?  There are plenty of VPSs all over the world who have locations in Hong Kong.  When you get a Hong Kong location you get Hong Kong IPs.  The Hong Kong location is however more expensive.  @Lux is correct.

I can thoroughly recommend HostUS and they include Hong Kong in their locations:

If you check the locations above you will note that the Hong Kong Location is almost triple the price.

If my market targets to HongKong, wont' it be better for me to find the hosting from HongKong? coz I think that the web loading time will be faster, not right?
(2017-01-13, 2:53:42 pm)CLsir Wrote: If my market targets to HongKong, wont' it be better for me to find the hosting from HongKong? coz I think that the web loading time will be faster, not right?

That is absolutely true. If the server is closer to the clients then they will get less ping times and faster loading speed. SSD drives can also increase the loading speed.
(2017-01-13, 2:53:42 pm)CLsir Wrote: If my market targets to HongKong, wont' it be better for me to find the hosting from HongKong? coz I think that the web loading time will be faster, not right?

Definitely right.  But what I meant was that a host in the US could also have a server in Hong Kong with a Hong Kong IP.  Everything is global these days particularly for the big VPS players in the market. Your really solid VPS players would have a VPS on offer in Hong Kong as well.  But, as I've mentioned before, the price won't be necessarily much less. The US Host for example would charge the going rate for VPSs in Hong Kong. Good part for me would be though that it will be easier for me to work with a host like HostUS in the US, whom I know very well, and to get hosting in Hong Kong through HostUS, than to search around for hosts in Hong Kong.
Internet Connection Speed in Hong Kong is around 100 Mbps I think. So maybe their data centers have even better speed.
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i own a hong kong vps it's working good for me the internet connection is 1gb, and there are no ping issues for me.
Yet don't have any VPS. just in "Free Vps Owner" Group but don't own any VPS.

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(2016-11-28, 4:59:32 pm)CLsir Wrote: Any recommend? I would like to purchase one VPS from Hongkong to setup my WordPress website.
Do anyone have used this one vpshosting hongkong?
Since my market is related to HongKong, so I would choose someone there.
Hope you could give me a hand

I don't trust the Chinese. If you are hosting anything close to privileged information, I would stay away from it. Ultimately, the decision is up to you, but looking at what happened to WoSign and StartSSL, I would not go near it. The reason why I bring up WoSign and StartSSL, is because WoSign has some funding from the Chinese government. Sketchy....
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I don't have a Hong Kong VPS. But I feel like your data can't be safe with the Chinese, the Chinese just has too much things happening to it... I mean if your data isn't sensitive stuff and the Chinese firewall has nothing to do with it, then try Hostmada for your vps. Smile

Edit: I noticed that Hostmada does offer Hong Kong location but the thing is, the bandwidth is unlimited... on a 3mbps port... So you may want to find some other VPS hosting in Hong Kong. Smile

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