Any one had bought HongKong's VPS?
(2017-01-14, 8:10:34 am)deanhills Wrote: Definitely right.  But what I meant was that a host in the US could also have a server in Hong Kong with a Hong Kong IP.  Everything is global these days particularly for the big VPS players in the market. Your really solid VPS players would have a VPS on offer in Hong Kong as well.  But, as I've mentioned before, the price won't be necessarily much less. The US Host for example would charge the going rate for VPSs in Hong Kong. Good part for me would be though that it will be easier for me to work with a host like HostUS in the US, whom I know very well, and to get hosting in Hong Kong through HostUS, than to search around for hosts in Hong Kong.

I see, thanks for your information, now I get it.

(2017-01-15, 7:42:19 am)arsalahmed786 Wrote: i own a hong kong vps it's working good for me the internet connection is 1gb, and there are no ping issues for me.

Which one are you using?

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