MyServerPlanet Ltd - 4GB ram VPS special! DOUBLE DISK!
Company name: MyServerPlanet Ltd

Information: MyServerPlanet started in 2014 - with ten years experience within the Hosting industry, our highly experienced technical team can manage your query almost instantly. When your with our service you can rest assured that whatever solution you purchase from us, is using 100% top of the range, high end hardware to accomplish your required needs. 

PayPal/Credit card are accepted payment methods

These are one off specials that are located in Buffalo 

Datacentre Name: Buffalo, NY BUF1
Speed test information:
ColoCrossing Looking Glass - Buffalo

- 4096MB RAM
- 4096MB Swap
- 4x vCPU
- 50GB HDD space -- DOUBLE DISK 100GB!!
- 1TB transfer
- 1Gbps uplink
- 1x IPv4
- OpenVZ/SolusVM
- $5.60/month
order URL: 

- 1024MB RAM
- 1024MB Swap
- 2x vCPU
- 40GB HDD space -- DOUBLE DISK 80GB!!!
- 1TB transfer
- 1Gbps uplink
- 1x IPv4
- OpenVZ/SolusVM
- $4.27/month
order URL:

Any questions, please submit a support ticket.
Many thanks,
@MSP - Nick
Please read the rules and edit your offer.
To be more specific, @MSP - Nick

You need to remove your VPS 1 offer, it is above the $5 upper limit.
-karatekidmonkey (
Thanks to ZXPlay for my VPS!


These are fair prices and I do think it would be great for anybody out there looking for a good paid VPS provider. However, it does look like you have to trim off at least 60 cents so you can meet the price limits that were set by the administration.

Seems like a legitimate host, they seem to be based in the UK and do provide a variety of services.
(2016-11-28, 8:12:19 pm)HXY Wrote:  @MSP - Nick
Please read the rules and edit your offer.

I guess that rule only applies for Ultra Low Cost VPSs Forum.
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(2016-12-04, 4:28:48 pm)HMR Wrote:  I guess that rule only applies for Ultra Low Cost VPSs Forum.

This post was originally posted in the "Ultra Low Cost VPSs" section and I think an administrator or a moderator moved it to the right topic because the thread owner have not responded to the messages.
I think the prices is normal
I got a 2gb ram vps from ovh from 2 dollars only.
But vps 1 is really great
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It's a bit weird, VPS 2 costs 4.27$, VPS 1 - 5.60$, difference +3GB ram and +3GB SWAP, plus 4x CPU, no one will buy vps 2 to save 1.33$
anyways good price for vps 1

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