[SOLVED] Windows Server 2016 Standard ISO
(2016-12-04, 7:14:48 am)acx12345 Wrote:  @PokemonEx222 are u there still one? Can you come to shout box. Moreover, can i need some information about the KVM you are running.

Can you share the specs your KVM VPS.

Ram, Storage,
Partition Details, Virtualisation and the CPU name that shows in your task manager or in procinfo in linux. It would be grateful if you could all the specs of the server.

These are my VPS Specs.

4TB Bandwidth
100GB Disk
Ubuntu 16.04

This is the procinfo:

Thanks For the VPS 18 FreeVPS.

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I had the same issue with my Windows Server. After contacting the provider (ZXHost in my case) they were able to start the setup process for me to complete via the CP VNC. If I remember right, they changed the CPU Model to 'HOST Pass through'.
Yes you are right, the containers need CPU Host pass through enabled. Without it, Server 2016 ISO doesn't work. Thanks CW1998.
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