Introduce myself as a Teacher in a School in South India (teaching Math and Physics). Have hosted web sites on linux servers and worked with Windows 2008 server before. Am trying to learn to administer a small Linux server. Eventually plan to host it for video streaming events about 8 to 10 times a year to about 100 clients. Most of free streaming providers like ustream require more than 300 kbps from the encoder. In the place where we live, upload bandwidths are limited to 140 kbps - only medium to low quality streams are possible.
Thats in a nut shell about me. Will try to learn and at the same time help out folks whenever possible - try to keep my posts useful to the community.
Welcome to the FreeVPS community forum. Enjoy your stay!

welcome to the community, hope you enjoy your stay here.
welcome to the community and hope you have a good time among us.
Welcome sir.
Nice to see a teacher here.I am a trainee teacher currently doing my B.Ed..
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