Hello guys

I would like to use this thread to introduce myself.
My name is Rick and I'm a 16-years-old from The Netherlands.

I have been interested in servers for about 1,5 - 2 years. This was caused by another hobby of mine: programming. Which I have been doing for a longer period. As I have been told, I made my first website when I was only 7 years old. And yes, in plain HTML. In the past almost 10 years obviously my skills have improved a lot, I am able to write HTML, CSS, JS, PHP and some Java fluently. 

Apart from my knowledge of programming languages, I can speak Dutch (native speaker), English and I should be able to talk some German as well.

I hope I'll have a great time here!

Heyy brooo!
Welcome to the community.
Enjoy your stay here.
Have a good time and a day.
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Hello @Rick Welcome To FreeVps Community Hope You Will Enjoy Your stay with us.
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Hey @Rick, I just wanted to make a quick message to say thank you for joining FREEVPS Community. I look forward to reading your posts. Happy posting! ^_^
Welcome and hope you will find helpful posts here, don't hesitate to ask.
If I had known this forum when I was 16 years old, I would have much better skills now.
Good luck
Welcome here Rick Enjoy your stay here. I am also new here.
Thanks all for your welcomes. Hope I can learn a lot of you guys, and maybe I can even learn you something :-)
Hello RICK,

Welcome to FreeVps , I hope you have a great time with us Smile ..
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Thank You .:FreeVPS&Hostigation:. For VPS 18.

hello rick, welcome too, you saludate me so i bringing back the welcome hehe

see you there

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