Hi, I'm Technoturnovers. I'm here because I already have a monster server I'm hosting on my home connection for forums and stuff, but hosting email on a public IP is the definition of intense suffering (pre-emptive blacklisting on SORBS, setting up dns, et cetera), and any other custom domain email service I've tried to use is screwed over for the free plans or just plain doesn't work.
The worst part about being a sysadmin is that even if everything is working perfectly on your end, another user will have an issue that you can't immediately fix.
Welcome. Hope you find what you seek on these forums, maybe you'll like it and you'll stay!

Don't forget to read the rules btw.
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Welcome to FreeVPS! Make sure to read the rules and post quality content. Have fun!
Hey hey! I welcome you to FREEVPS, @Technoturnovers!
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