Use of VPS processing capacities for cryptocoin mining (altcoins)

I have been checking the speed of some VPS in order to mine some crytopcoins, (especially altcoins as Monero) using Minergate pool. I have seen that is possible to make some profit adding several VPS processing capacities, especially now that bitcoin price is going up. Somebody has been trying this use? What are your insights about this possibility? Do you consider this use as legit?

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I think you need to find a trustable VPS provider which also allows mining crypto coins first. There are not many.

Another headache is that it is not easy to make it profitable. VPSs at reasonable prices are not powerful enough for mining.
Till now, I haven't seen any provider allowing mining on their VPSs, not just in sponsored VPSs just like freevps but also in paid ones. Someone with his own machines could do that though.
Why do you want to do that? It doesn't worth. The cheapest VPS servers cost about 1-2 dollars per month and then you couldn't mine the same amount money with them. If you buy a low end dedicated server such as Kimsufi or net then it still can't be profitable.

But there are a few websites that specialized for mining for you such as the largest or
They cost a lot, but of course you can mine a lot.
I haven't used sites like this, but be aware because I'm sure that there a lot fake sites.
OK I understand all these issues, but there are possibilities to use mining software only on background and with minimal priority without affecting its main use, obtaining some profit especially working with alternative cryptocoins, that could be useful even to pay the monthly service fee; having surplus processing capacity, since that possibility neither does not mean overload the machine at 100%,
It's not worth the power draw at this point. At a time yes, but now if you're not using ASICs to mine, you're wasting your time, resources, and money.
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Sure, but that is the case if you are thinking only in Bitcoins, altcoins as Monero is different
Look, mining isn't exactly profitable due to rising power costs. Sure, you might make a few bucks but was it really worth it?
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(2016-12-13, 6:00:35 pm)Jayce Wrote:  Till now, I haven't seen any provider allowing mining on their VPSs

There are not many, as I said before, but you will find some if you search hard enough.

Two obvious examples are Google GCE and Amazon AWS that won't suspend your VPSs on high CPU usage 24/7. But neither of them is cheap enough for mining purpose.
I've mined DogeCoin on a DigitalOcean droplet. I did it for about a month without being suspended... If you want to mine, here's a script:
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