Question regarding API-based login
I'm designing a new site for one of my Guild Wars 2 guilds. Guild wars 2 provides a robust API for external applications to query information about the game. (You can read more about the API here)

The site will check the API key provided for membership in the guild somehow. There are two ways I can think of to determine membership:

  1. Check each key's guilds list for the GUID of the guild this site is for
  2. Check the account name associated with the API key and compare it with the guild roster (automatically updated from the guild master's key
The roster one way or another will be checked every 5-10 minutes. Would it be more efficient to check each key for changes every check period, or update the roster every period and just compare with the cached account names? Pros and cons of each approach?

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you need this in PHP or HTML? PHP Is easier...

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Backend would probably be PHP. I plan on using AJAX to dynamically load content from the server, but logins will be handled backend
"Post counters? We don't need no stinkin' post counters!"

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