FlamesHost | Holiday 2016 Offer
Hey FreeVPS!

It's been quite a while since we've posted an offer on FreeVPS, but in the spirit of the Christmas season, we're offering shared hosting for only $1.49/year!
Before I get started with the details, please make note of our terms of service which can be found at https://flameshost.com/legal. Abuse is not tolerated, and you will be suspended should this happen.

Without further ado, here's the offer:

Shared Hosting Features: 

- Free Let's Encrypt SSL certificates
- ModSecurity website protection
- Your choice of PHP version
- CloudLinux operating system
- Softaculous one-click application installer
- Latest cPanel
- Instant setup
- Located in the USA (QuadraNet @ Los Angeles)

The promotional plan that we're offering is only $1.49 per year, and comes with the following specifications.

Order link: https://billing.flameshost.com/cart.php?a=add&pid=47

SSD disk space: 1GB
Bandwidth: 100GB
Add-on/hosted domains: 3 add-on + account primary domain
MySQL databases: Unlimited!
FTP accounts + email accounts: Unlimited!

There's limited stock available, so order now! 

Surprise: We're working on our new NAT-based virtual server plans, they will be available in Q1 2017!
One thing I'd like to point out, you made a slight spelling mistake in your post title "Holday", it should be "Holiday".
Anyway, seems to be a great plan for a great price. I'll try to grab one soon :-)

Btw, what location in the USA is your server hosted? QuadraNet seems to offer their services at several locations?
Nice Offer but i have question can i renew This offer after 1 year and whats will be the price of renewal?
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Renewal will always be the same price Smile
So long as you renew it every year, the price will forever remain the same.


This has been corrected. Thank you!
I've updated the thread and the location is Los Angeles.
Just wandering around, nothing more.

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Any chance that the specs can be increased? (Even just a bit. With additional payment though)

I'm planning to recommend this to my friend who's stuck with GoDaddy's website builder package.
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Thanks to the FreeVPS Staff! Thanks also to FuzzyHosts & ZXPlay for their great VPS!
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This website is malware flagged bu google. Is it trusted website? Why google has placed a malware flag on it?
OP @FlamesRunner your TLS certificate expired this night at round 5:53 am and has not been renewed.

@RizwaN there is not a single entry for OP's domain in the Google safebrowsing database and therefore the site cannot be marked as a site that is spreading malware because there are no reports or anything that Google has to mark the site.

Oh my, did not check. Will have that fixed, sorry.


It is possible - just ring us up via ticket.

(2016-12-22, 10:43:20 pm)HR Wrote: OP @FlamesRunner your TLS certificate expired this night at round 5:53 am and has not been renewed.

Thanks again @HR, the issue has been resolved.
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Can you give an estimation for how long you will provide this special offer?
Thanks to FreeVPS and Verelox for my VPS 8!
Also a big thanks to NoUptime.host for their great FREE VPS!
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It's up for a limited time - there's around 20 in stock and it will not be refilled.
Apart from that, which ever comes first (end of Christmas, no stock) will end this sale.
Just wandering around, nothing more.

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