[TUT] How to create GTA VC Huds
     Today i am going to show you how to create or edit a GTA huds/particles.
Lets Start

There are some software’s which we require to do this.

TXDWorkshop 4.5:  Click Me
Winrar: Click Me
Photoshop ( Recommended ) : Click Me

Lets start this Tutorial Step by Step.

1st: Download TXDWorkshop from the given link.

2nd: Extract the TXDWorkshop.rar

[Image: PXl77ZB.png]

3rd: Now goto the extracted folder and start the “txdworkshop.exe”

[Image: eox7vX8.png]
4th: Click on the button “Open TXD”, A dialogue box will appear with some options. Second find the file “huds.txd” ( Gta VC->models>huds.txd ) select the file and click open button.
[Image: h6SYKwP.png]
5th: When you open the txd file. You shall see some pictures in a box left side of the TXDWorkshop window.Find and select “radardisc” than click Export button and save IMG as png.

[Image: Yixd5Wg.png]

6th: Edit your PNG saved file in Photoshop or anyother which you use for IMG editing and edit your IMG with same size and save it as PNG format.Now reopen the TXDWorkshop if you have closed it.Select again the radardisc IMG file in TXDWorkshop and click Import button and open the edited file.

[Image: oV6nAEj.png]

After Import Click the “Save TXD” button and close the TXDWorkshop and start the game.

[Image: hXx2j55.png]

The Work which we did now.

[Image: 3phZKaa.png]

I have edited the Radar disc . You can change everything using this tutorial. If you want to edit fonts, Open this Fonts.txd file and edit it. You can change weapons icon and smoke color etc..



Don't use winrar, it's useless and proprietary.

7-Zip is open source , and supports a variety of compression.

It is to be preferred over winrar given the choice.

[Image: img.php?userid=19870&txt=1]

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(2016-12-24, 3:19:45 pm)MichaelW Wrote:  Don't use winrar, it's useless

7-Zip is open source , and supports a variety of compression.

Thanks for your feedback. I will try 7zip. But for now i am not going to edit the post. But in future i will use 7zip,

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