Poll: What MySQL Server do you use?
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MySQL stock
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What the hell is MySQL?
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What type of MySQL server do you use?
I use either MySQL/MariaDB upon availabilty.I update versions as much as possible.Database is one of the main part of a website.If it is vulnerable to security threats the websites data will be leaked.
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Ever since I knew about MariaDB (and the acquisition of MySQL by Oracle) Switched over to MariaDB knowing that the one who develops it mostly is the former MySQL main developers.

Installing a repo is pretty much a 1 liner for me. I created scripts to setup a lot of things Cheese
My choice of database server is MariaDB. This was simply due to the fact that at the time I had to pick which software I would use this one had some performance improvements over using traditional MySQL. I am not sure if the situation is still the same today, but I still keep using MariaDB every time I need a SQL server. For all I know MySQL has done zilch to improve performance or has become better than MariaDB Tounge
I mostly use mariadb since it doesn't require much ram as mysql, i have been loving it so far
Although I know MariaDB is better, I haven't gone for it as much with my VPSs.  I have it on my shared cPanel hosting accounts though.  From what I've heard MariaDB is where the original mySQL development team is.  MySQL is with Oracle now and commercial.  I prefer to be with the original development team.

(2016-12-25, 6:55:26 am)CyberHawk Wrote:  I know this thread is about mysql/mariadb, but i will just say it.
I use postgres, just because i already know how to use it, just that.
I've worked with both, but I liked postgres than mysql, just because it's simpler.

@CyberHawk.  I like simple so am going to try this one out.  Didn't think there was much of anything better than mySQL or MariaDB.  It was either or. :?
MariaDB, been using it for a while now. Haven't had the time to switch or experiment with the others.
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I've yet to learn MariaDB for now. I've been using MySQL since always, and am comfortable there. They say it's better, but support issues are eminent.
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@nightwalker switching over to MariaDB is easy,
apt install mariadb-server

It will automatically configure your old MySQL databases to work with mariadb.

yum install mariadb-server
mysql, then move to mariadb, now i stay in percona for vps and still use mysql for shared host
Why is mariadb better then mysql? I use mysql right now but if it's better, may consider changing, idk..

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