what do you think about Managed Service?

We plan to start managed hosting and service, and we need your valuable suggestions and feedback. And we need to know how well people like this?

We have planned for managed service based on WHMCS and Magento for now.

Kindly let us know your feedback's.

Thank you
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You need to do more research for your business model.

See how many companies are providing managed hosting, compare their prices to your own and find their advertisements to see whether they have people who are interested or just critics.
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Okay this thread is clearly not well thought out at all and the post above here explains pretty much why.

What I'd like to tell you is that you are roaming a VPS community for unmanaged VPS, that would mean that each of us think very highly of unmanaged VPS solutions over the managed solutions by default. This is simply due to one fact: self-management will always be so much cheaper than any managed solution Smile
Agreed with @Erno. Most of the people who post at FreeVPS.us are here for free VPSs and free everything. Also most of us are very adventurous do it our selvers. So maybe you won't get the right answers here.

I'm also participating in managed server Forums however, My advice is that if you are serious in providing a successful managed service, it will only be as good as the technical admin staff you employ. If you don't have any, and only one person to do all of the work, it may not be such a good idea. Most people can be forgiving of many things, but if the admin standard of services, and ticket replies turn around (both in time and quality) are iffy, they will move away very fast.

Price of course is also important. As others have suggested, you need to really search around for the managed hosting services that appeal toyou and check out what it is you like about them. Like I subscribe to Siteground for example, and what roped me in was their excellent sales staff support. They are very fast, very patient, very persistent and very thorough. Same with HostUS.us. I haven't used the managed service at HostUS.us, but judging by the excellent service I got on the ticket side, both sales and technical inquiries, I'd say they are well set up with excellent staff, to serve those with managed services needs.

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