Christmas 2016
Dear members of FreeVPS Directory & Discussion,

As with every passing year, around the end of year holidays, a lot of our members often cannot find the time to complete their posts. Keeping with what we have done for a few years now, we would like to announce our "gift" to owners of a FreeVPS VPS. You will not have your VPS terminated if you are unable to complete your 15 or 30 posts this month (December 2016)

From all of the staff at FreeVPS,  we wish you a very happy Christmas, and new Year!

Best Regards,
Oh hey I completed mine anyway Tongueout Merry Christmas and happy new year everyone!
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Oh, I've just seen this right now, I was worried to not complete my posts since I'm really busy cause I have exams after a week and I gotta revise what I've studied, plus so much time was spent on the Christmas preparation. Happy new year and thanks for the awesome gift. Smile
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Thanks Host4Fun for VPS 4, Hostigation for VPS 18, and FreeVPS for being an awesome community!
Thanks NoUptime (@NoUptime) for the VPS!

Oh... Thanks and i and My little Iara send Happy New Year to All Membros and Staff; )
Special Thanks to ZxPlay and Staff FreeVPS for VPS nº7

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I was kinda waiting for this Laugh But I'm finishing mine anyway Laugh

Merry christmas!
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Thanks to the FreeVPS Staff! Thanks also to FuzzyHosts & ZXPlay for their great VPS!
I don't like writing. expect only 1-2 sentences from me. My real join date is 2013-02-03 btw :p
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FuzzyHosts (VPS 2)
BitAccel VPS (FreeDomain.Club)

Old VPS:
BoneVM VPS (Old VPS 8)
GalaxyHostPlus (VPS 9)

Mobile 3G (Morning Speed)
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Lol, i finished mine too. Thanks FreeVPS anyway. Merry Christmas everyone, (ik its late :p)
Thanks to FreeVPS Hostigation for VPS 18
Thanks to @NoUptime for their awesome VPS P1

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Happy holidays everyone! I wish you all success and prosperity in the next following years to come.
Merry Christmas everyone. Enjoy your VPS's. Very good news by .
Merry Christmas to all, and to all have a nice VPS.
(I tried to do something there and I believe I failed horribly)
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Thanks 4 The VPS | and!
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NoUptime SSD VPS:
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VPS 18:
Thanks to FreeVPS for VPS18
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Hehe, i just saw this now, I was about to complete my 30 posts quota, will perhaps do it anyway. Didnt visit this forums for quite a few days. feels good to be browsing this forum again
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Thank you to and for FREE VPS  Angel

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