Poll: Do you like "Live Actions"
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Yes, they are cool sometimes
7 53.85%
No, i hate them with passion
6 46.15%
Total 13 vote(s) 100%
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Do you see / like Live Actions?
I dunno why i should not like live anction ones. But I guess so far i have not found any i like.. thats why i guess Tounge
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There are times that I like it, there are times that I don't.

I liked the DC live action. (Well, you know where I got my online handle)
The Shingeki Live a action is pretty crappy imho.

I won't say that I hate them with passion. It just depends Smile
What is pretty fun for me are the sports live actions, bizarre fun I mean, just like the Japanese sucks at any sports and in all the live actions are super powered world champions hahaha
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Yea I love Live Actions Shows the one i watched was amazing They was Playing with sword and i watching Live actions when ever i feel free
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I pretty much like this genre. I think it is very cool. Some years ago, we used to get t-shirts with the print of Death-Note. It was quite fascinating. But, strangely I never got time to watch Death-Note. May be someday in future, I will complete watching it.
Yes, I do like the change, it is interesting to see some live actions a while.Death Note is one of my favourite, hope such movie version will get released in future as well.
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Live actions sucks, they make the anime look worse in general. I don't know why they do that..
Whenever possible I do try to watch some. Like Death Note which you mentioned. But to be honest, I find them to be quite weird compared to the anime they're made of. Felt that sensation quite a lot with Assassination Classroom Cheese

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