Poll: Do you like "Live Actions"
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Do you see / like Live Actions?
As you know sometimes the japanese industries take to the "real" world some sagas called "Live Actions"

One example will be the live action adaption of Death Note by Netflix for 2017.

Do you like this genre? Could you remember any that was good, and in fact impress you?

For me, i loved the first 2 movies adaptation of Death Note, i love the ending of the second, sincerely a plot twist different from the original anime.

I want to hear all you favorites and opinions!! And if you hate this genre want to hear the opinion of the community too haha
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I watched both Death Note movies and I really enjoyed them. The story was twisted though as it had scenes that never appeared in the Anime. Maybe they are from the Manga? Well, I don't read Mangas.

Some live action movies are a disappointment though.
Indeed the death note was pretty cool, it is wasn't like the manga but heard that the guionist show the script to the author obata an she was amazed.

Indeed it is pretty rare to see a good one, specially in the sport genre, right now was released the assasination classroom and I heard that whey are working in parasite, but I prefer the keep the good memory of these two masterpiece and don't risk to waste them haha
Watched first 10 minutes of Death Note (Movie), I will never watch movie adaptation of any anime again.
hehe anyways the death note was just an example, i created this thread to create together an index, to be good or too bad, maybe the worst is the hollywoord adaption of Dragon Ball, hahaha but just my opinion, my inned child died with that movie :'(
I've tried several Live Actions, but they come off as way too cringe-y and... badly made. There's a Hollywood blockbuster "live-action" of Death Note coming though. I quote on quoted it as a live-action, because it's not really live action at all. It's a proper movie with at least one or two A-List Hollywood actors, if I don't remember wrong.
Yes I know what you're talking about, and no I don't like Live Actions, I just tried Death Note once but that was really not my kind of thing.
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jajaja the community has spoken, indeed is pretty true, is an anime has a live action, is like a kill sentence, pretty hard or even impossible to adapt, and we know the japanese tendency, even holliwood to destroy series and games with adaptations
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Waiting for Naruto to come out, and looking forward to Death Note, coming 2018. I did however watched Rurouni Kenshin in cinemas with my university friends when it came out few years back. I have no history with this anime/manga but just went with them and watched (lol, had no clue as to what I was going to watch back then), but I loved it and started to check spoilers online (still haven't watched the anime til now) but gotta say, an anime made to live action movie done right.
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Now that I recall I remember that I hear of runouri kenshin but never try out, maybe would peek a little haha
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