[SOLVED] An error occurred processing your request. The host is currently unavailable.
Not so sure why I am seeing this error.

[Image: 7ufsqrH.png]

I also tried to reinstall the os, but it's been 1 hour already, and still nothing.

*Uploaded to imgur so I had to blur some stuffs.
Tall image removed by mod.
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This usually means that the host node where the container has been located went down or has lost its network connectivity.

I opened a ticket as I see several other VPSs in this state in our reseller panel.

Looks like svmstack-fpm run into issues after restarting the process Lynx node went back to normal.
I can confirm that SolusVM is showing proper status details now.

@Lux please confirm that it works for you, too.

@JanuszC I will update the ticket ASAP the OP @Lux has confirmed everything is back to normal.

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