Hello from Rvcboy
Hello, my name is Rainer and I'm only 13 years old guy from Estonia. Right now I am learning web design, I can understand HTML5 and CSS, getting closer to CSS3 and after that I would like to learn PHP and JavaScript. After I can tell myself "I'm good here." about web design I might start learning Java and C#.

Reasons why would I like to have a VPS is I want to play around with it by trying to run different kind of servers on it (web servers, voice servers and game servers if I manage to get a VPS that allows it) and of course stuff for personal use, such as a private TeamSpeak 3 server where I can have fun with my friends.

Main reason why did I register to FreeVPS is that the previous service provider that I used for my stuff (FreeVPS club / FreeDomain club) closed it's doors for various of reasons.
Welcome. Make sure to read the various terms and requirements for getting and keeping a VPS here, as they are pretty different from FVC. Enjoy!
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