[SOLVED] VPS 25 offline
Is there problems with hostmada singapore network?
I see my server offline today
I can login to solus vm hostmada, but can't make my vps online

Thank you
A good tip: don't use the shoutbox for support. Always use the support forums.

A ticket has been created already after your first shout in the shoutbox. This case will be upated ASAP.
Quote:Dear Customer,

the Data Centre is experiencing a network outage, we are currently waiting for an update.
It should come back shortly.
We have also been notified that they are going to be limiting all the IP allocations due to some shortage at their ends.
These changes are going to be effective from the 1st of Jan so we'll need to move you on a new server and the IPs will be changed as well. We'll send you a confirmation email once completed.

Best Regards,

Andrea M.
HostMada Management

Your VPS will be moved to another server and will receive a new IP address once the issues at the data center has been fixed.

Sorry for the inconvience this issue might have caused but they're out of our and out of our sponsors control.

the service has been restored 7 hours ago, the DC experienced a routing issue which has been fixed today.
During these days we'll proceed with the migration and new IP allocation, we'll update you once completed.

I apologize for the inconvience but it was out of our control.
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it looks like the server has been online today
thanks to the notification, this thread can be closed at this time

by the way, is there a problem with the template Ubuntu 15.10 x86_64
after a fresh install, I can not access the server via putty on port 22
Closed on request by OP.
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