End of the partnership between FreeVPS.us & Freedomain.club/Freevps.club
Dear valued FreeVPS Directory & Discussion Community Members, Staff, Sponsors and Partners,

We would like to announce that the partnership between us (FreeVPS Directory & Discussion) and our great partner Freedomain.club / Freevps.club (@coreyman) will end on the 30th December 2016.

The reason is unfortunate but quite simple: our partner has stopped providing their service and is therefore basically no longer in business. You can read more about it here. We and @coreyman therefore agreed to end the partnership.

We're quite sad about the closure of our partner's site and community. We wish @coreyman and their company the best in their future endeavors. We will be looking back at this great partnership with good memories.

Thank you very much for your understanding.
We are the sum of our memories. Erasing the memories edged in oneself is the same as loosing oneself.
I wish @coreyman the best and hope that his hosting business goes well.

Good luck!
Wishing a Best of Luck to @coreyman to provide us a marvelous free vps service which not less then a pay vps. and a great uptime connectivity. but also sad because i am wishing some more new services and more powerful vps's from coreyman. but this year also make the end of freevps.club. whenever this community will start servicing again. i will be there with corey and team.
Also thanks for @Ignis and @HR to serving me best of there services and experiences. and guide me whenever i stuck in programing.

Love you Coreyman.
and wish that soon i will be a winner of a free vps from freevps.us


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