Discontinuation of my administration position
Dear very valued FreeVPS Directory & Discussion Community, Staff Members, Sponsors & Partners,

I hereby announce the discontinuation of my Administrator position in the administration of FreeVPS Directory & Discussion beginning at the 1st January of 2017.

I'm leaving the administration due to personal and job related reasons. I simply cannot any longer divide time up so that I can properly get my job, professional school and FreeVPS together under one hat along with all other sites and forums I am on and all the other tasks I have to perform for various other things. It is more important for me to concentrate on my future in my job and my personal life. With this also comes the lack of motivation due to tiredness that comes with waking up really early and coming home late (mainly due to a lot of traveling).

A while ago I have already stepped down from the moderation ranks on our partner site Freedomain.club / Freevps.club due to the above mentioned reasons. I have reduced my activity there due to this. I visit it if I have some free time and remember about it. Sad to see it going down now (I hope there'll be some solution to it). And if you observed the situation here you might have noticed that my activity here also went down due to this.

As unfortunate as it might be there are more important things for me than administrating FreeVPS right now. It is very important for me to go on and continue. It hurts to leave behind what I and others have build up since 2012. During this time a lot of people worked together with me and the rest of the team to make FreeVPS what it is right now. Therefore I would like to thank all former staff members and sponsors who have worked with me and the rest of the team to make this site great and help the community out.

A specially thanks also goes out to the current administration team: @cw1998, @Optimus, @Ignis and @PokemonEx222. Of course also to @dmmcintyre3 who still is the founder of this great site, community and service.

A huge shout out to the current sponsors also: @JanuszC, @Shiva & @Optimus (GalaxyHostPlus), @Deadeye (FuzzyHosts), @andreamada (HostMada), @hostdare (HostDare), @HostUS (HostUS), @Mike Brown (Evolution-Host), @NodeBlade (NodeBlade), @RASRIYAD (Host4Fun), @Verelox (Verelox) and @ZXPlay (ZXPlay / ZXHost). Also of course to FtpIt although they no longer have a representative here. And our former partner @coreyman.

I wish the community, staff, sponsors and our partner all the best for the future and a lot of luck. May the relationship grow old and wise like an old man with a lot of great experience in their life. I know that FreeVPS will always stay at the top with the excellent community, great service and awesome support.

The staff team does a great job and I'm sure that they will keep doing a great job in the future, too. I will not leave totally and forever. I will still visit and if someone needs advice or help I will be there and will try to always help as much as I can. If I find time I will try to share experiences and knowledge I've earned and learned in my job.

Thank you very much for the great honor to have been able to serve you since 2012 and of course for your understanding. Sorry for the inconvience I may have caused with my departure.

Bon voyage and best of luck in your future endeavors.
Whilst it’s sad to see what I would describe as the most valued, dedicated staff member at FreeVPS, @HR, leave his position as staff I will give my full support to him and respect his decision. I know full well how much time such a task can take up and how much you just want to relax after a day working hard. He has given a lot for this website, which you can see just from the amount of posts he’s made, and which I personally have seen since the day I first signed up here in January 2012 with my first account.

However, @HR is leaving at a good point in time. I believe the community is now mature enough to take care of itself. Back some time ago the people which were supposed to take his place were not doing a very good job, but with competent people as moderators and an excellent giveaway manager FreeVPS is bound to be able to survive without him. It is important to note that new experiences are good for our brain, and many people throw in the towel like this after years of service.... now it’s time for you to do something new!

Thank you very much for all you have done for FreeVPS @HR I truly appreciate it!
FreeVPS has been the only and I repeat only P2H VPS provider that has survived this long and continue to survive, it's existence is truly unique in the community.
Thank you so much for all the help you have provided to this community. You're probably one of the most altruistic people I've met. It's about time you started taking care of yourself and the future. I must admit you were my primary inspiration to become a moderator.

I wish you well in all your future endeavors.
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Really I am sad after watching this post Other staff members are also good But you were the one who was fast in support when ever i posted a support thread i got @HR Reply in less than 5 minutes Anyways Good luck Sad Sad Sad
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I cannot express how @HR was helpful to me and other members of FreeVPS. Its sad to see he's leaving and focusing on his life (which is important). I give you best wishes and wish you do well in life!
While it's sad to see@HR go, I believe that the community is in good shape. Thanks @HR for your service.
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@HR i fell really sorry to bo met you earlier, sincerely you seems to be a trusted person and hard working man. I really hope you good luck on your endeavors and motivate you to reach all your goalds!

THe best of all and See you there my fellow Wink
What? Really? I cannot believe that you are leaving the administration post from this forum, and i am not sure that if this community is going to get a person like you again because i saw that how you worked hard for this community, whenever anyone needed a support, you answered them in minutes, not only that but i saw you as an active member of the community, and also at many other forums.

I can say that around 80% of the work is done by you.
Not only this to be stated, but your attitude attracted a lot of people here.
I will also include here that i joined this forum though HR, when my account was not activated for some reasons, but i was able to contact him at some other forums.
It is really sad to see you going, but anyways the real life is more important, Good Luck! and i appreciate all the time that you spent here to moderate the forums, providing support, good discussions, and a lot more.
I'm sad to see @HR go. He has been a good staff member and a great leader for FreeVPS as a whole.
Good luck on your future adventures, @HR.
hi, I'm tmwc.
I'm not active here anymore.
While it's sad to see you go and I am sure you will be missed, I think it's a wise decision you took. Apart from that, as I read, the community should be fine. Thanks @HR for what you have done for FreeVPS.

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