VPS 14 Ultimate slow
Does it support openvz?
I can't do it neither my friend can do on his vps 14.
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Please be aware that OpenVZ doesn't have any real drives nor real partitions. Not every software works inside OpenVZ containers or it simply doesn't work as expected / as it should. hdparm is probably / could be one of these programs and may not work on OpenVZ as visible here. The linked case is from a VPS with the old OpenVZ simfs filesystem. Nowadays OpenVZ usually uses ploop which has a more advanced filesystem and more features (so hdparm might but just might work).

Alternatively you could try the program bonnie++ that was suggested in the solution of the before linked and solved serverfault thread. And as I mentioned before the dd disk speed test ran in the bench.sh script is a direct test on the hard disk without any buffer or cache. So actually it is also a valid test for disk speed. There are just people that may not accept it as a valid result though and would disregard it.

I'm sure though that if hdparm works / would work the results would also be quite low. Seeing all results from the VPS owners being so low I would certainly consider something going wrong or not as planned. On the other hand FreeVPS and therefore you are a free client and that means as @cw1998 said that you get a very low I/O priority. This fact means that if paying clients are using more I/O then you will always get even less speed until it becomes totally low and unusable. A unpleasant experience but well, you got it for free, right?

Just as people say Beggars can't be choosers. I do however agree with the thought and idea that even something free should usable atleast. Well, I don't complain. Just looking at it from both sides. My 2 cents.
Does i/o speed affects? The commands like free - m df -h , they are working kinda slow.
If i host a website now? Will it effect?

I used commands like DD=bla bla , And bench.sh to test the speed
It's still 20mb.
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I/O speed is a very important performance factor. I/O stands for Input and Output. This is any and every single operation that you do on a computer. You always have an input that is processed by the computer and you get the output. If the disk I/O speed is too low other hardware such as your CPU has to wait and this wait usually causes higher CPU load and extreme slowness. So a low disk I/O speed or a slow I/O speed for other hardware alway affects everything and causes issues.

This is a very basic of how computers and most of the technology works. I'm surprise you don't know that. On the other hand nowadays so many people use computers and so on but they don't know a single basic thing about them. It is quite paradox that some are even using something as advanced as a command line Linux server without knowing the basics of how a computer even works.

Either way. Low I/O speed is always a big issue for the system.
Actually, I know about windows pc's probs Regarding cpu, harddrive etc, I was just confirming for linux , Like simple commands speed, I'm new to linux that's why
i know it's real processor ram , Same things like a pc.
I was just confirming.
I think i may need to exchange if the problem persist.
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Will it be fixed?
Or i have to use as it is for now?
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Can confirm the horrid speeds, I even had a simple mysql operation take over 2 minutes. Sad
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Hello, just an update on this case from my side. I have not heard back from the provider, and I have just bumped the ticket to try and get a reply. Can anyone confirm that the slow speeds are still an issue? I'm guessing they are by @xXAndrew28Xx 's screenshot. For a free service, it should be useable, and I agree that this is getting pretty unusable. I will keep you updated on the status of the ticket with the provider.
I've ran the bench script from FreeVPS right now to check the speed and it's still kinda low:
[Image: zIFAba5.png]
[root@vps14-abdulsami ~]# dd if=/dev/zero of=test bs=64k count=16k conv=fdatasync
16384+0 records in
16384+0 records out
1073741824 bytes (1.1 GB) copied, 55.3853 s, 19.4 MB/s
[root@vps14-abdulsami ~]#

Well, I may need to exchange if the problem still happens ,I know it's for a free service, But VPS 18 Skeptical
I'll try to get an vps from other provider.
Wonder if Hostigation would provide 1GB ram vps.
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