VPS 14 Ultimate slow
Will it be fixed?
My speed is less than 15 MB now.
I haven't installed anything yet. just clean Centos 6.

It's 4.9 mb now.
Seriously what i do sir, Maybe exchange the vps?
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(2017-01-13, 4:05:49 am)Abdul Sami Wrote:  It's 4.9 mb now.
Seriously what i do sir, Maybe exchange the vps?

Since we haven't heard back from the provider yet, you have two options:

1) exchange at next giveaway
2) deal with the speed and keep using it.
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Yes, I am sorry for the delay, but the provider has not responded now for what will be the 10th day.
The ticket has now been bumped twice in that time to try to get a reply. Hopefully they will reply soon. If they haven't at the 14th day, the staff will have a discussion about how to proceed with replacing the VPSs affected by this. Sorry for the inconvenience this may be causing you.
@Ignis, I'm thinking to exchange for same specs or something more ( If i get good score till that):'D
the speed is too slow that i have to wait for 2 minutes before logging to root.
When doing a bensh.sh , Wait for 10 minute to get a test i/o test.

@cw1998 , Well giveaway coming i'll be exchanging it.
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I got a reply to the ticket this morning. They apologise for the delayed response since the person the ticket was assigned to was away.
Maintenance on the server has been scheduled for later this month to upgrade its RAID level, so hopefully that will improve speeds. However until the maintenance, whatever speed you get is the best they can do. You can choose to wait a couple more weeks, or possibly exchange your VPS in the next giveaway if there are enough available.
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