how much visitor can handle?
As members have described everything so clearly, everything should be clear by now; But let me simplify it even further. Handling no. of concurrent users completely depends upon on the site your hosting. If those are just bunch of html pages with 0 mysql db or without any server side script, that can do much more than hosting custom full of bug/memory leak scripts on your vps.

So, basically you should tell us what exactly you're going to host, if it's not some of the open source software then how confident are you with the script. These facts will surely allow us to tell you more specific answers.
Given that I ran a site with a lot of users with almost a million of pageviews on a 512mb ram server on DO, I would say I have experience on that.

Your main problem is gonna be your Database. I used MariaDB and it already crashes randomly due to the low amount of ram.

nginx and php-fpm is fine though. I'm using php-fpm7.0.x here. CPU should be fine. The ram is definitely small though.

vSwap doesn't really help IMHO.

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