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Hello ladies and gentlemen,

VikingLayer/drServer is family - held company based in Croatia. We are leading provider of dirt cheap unmanaged VPS hosting. We provide hosting to individuals and businesses around the globe.

2 CPU Cores
1024 MB RAM
20 GB Disk
1024 GB Bandwidth
1 IPv4
Location: Incero Dallas
Pricing: 5.00 EUR/pm ~= 5.23$/pm

However rules are rules, so to get it to $5/month(Coupon created using google rate today), please use following coupon:


This are based on pure SSD servers running with newest E3 CPUs and 32 GB of RAM. LSI RAID card is present on each node and every server is running HW RAID-10. Every node is backed up by Incero Dallas's premium USA network.

Plans are activated instantly upon receipt of payment. You can pay with PayPal or Bitcoins.

Here is basic AUP page you can read:

In short what we DON'T allow is:

[*]Any kind of high/abusive CPU, IO and Network usage
[*]Denial of Service attacks
[*]TOR exit nodes
[*]Cryptocurrency mining
[*]Booter/Stresser websites
[*]Illegal Downloads (Piracy)
[*]Fake/Replica websites
[*]Port scanning
[*]IP spoofing

If you are in doubt whether your thing is allowed or no, feel free to ask here:

For more info:
For questions: Ask in the tread or open ticket:
Test IP is available on ticket only, to prevent abuse on it.

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