Visual Basic - Programing Language
Visual Basic was too old if you wanna study them. But maybe with basic knowledge of Visual Basic you can learn more (deeper) on Visual Studio.
My campus still learn it btw *lol
Also learn Pascal, Delphi 7.0.
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Lol! Which course and where? I am wondering why your institution is putting efforts in Visual Basic even now, when python can be taught.
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I did not't exactly used VB but when I started programming, I and was beginner like you. I selected VB instead of C# using that visual studio. Nothing more than that. After weeks I changed it to C# and everything after that worked fine. I didn't have the deep understanding how differentiation between those two languages but at that tie C# seems to be more familiar that VB for me.

I did create a school project of real estate website in that language.
I myself started programming with Visual Basic but when I discovered C++ I loved how tidy it was compared to VB so I switched to it.
I think that VB helps you to understand how the logic of programming works but if you learn C++ you will be prepared to virtually language existing because it's the one that reflects best how a computer works. After that even object oriented languages will be easier but this is just my personal opinion.
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I remember, VB was my first language. Everything I know now was a direct result of my experimenting with VB code. It is really great. Start with it and then move on to an OOP language such as Java to get a taste of real world applications.
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I never really tried VB but I did learn Basic in primary school . If it's anything similar like VB then I wouldn't need too much time to learn it.
Are you referring to .NET framework? In this case I found VB.NET extremely powerful in developing Apps that interact with Windows API. Basically everything you can find in the .NET framework works pretty well.
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