Hello From Ireland
Hi, I just joined and thought I should introduce myself...

I'm in the process of setting up internet access and help for friends in Africa. I think it's important that everyone has the opportunity to own and control their own internet presence, and VPSs seem like a logical part of achieving this. A small community would not need an entire server and a VPS can provide everything they need cheaply without compromising on control and possibilities..

So I have to learn all I can about setting up and operating VPSs, and the best way, I think, is by doing it. Forums are about the best places online to share experience and gain knowledge, so I'm happy to find this place, and the fact that it offers a free VPS as well as a specialized forum is a compelling bonus...

It's also encouraging to see that it's quite active here. Anyway, I'll keep this short, and do some reading through the threads.

All the best!
internet freedom for Africa
Welcome to FreeVPS community, Andy! Hope you will enjoy your stay here.

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