New Year 2017 Offer : 6GB Ram SSD KVM VPS $5.99/m ! (USA Location)
@karatekidmonkey Its KVM VPS . We were offering 6GB Ram & 30GB SSD (HardRaid) for $5.99/m , I think we already provided quit lot of the price Smile
Specs are great even 30 GB space is fine since its SSD. Even better if you had few Windows templates avaliable for this. haha.
@Turbo we have Windows Server 2008/2012 Trial Templates with $8.99/ 8GB Ram Packages
Any KVM offers with HDD diskspace sir? i need more space and ram. It's enough for me, 4gb-6gb ram with 100gb diskspace.

Thanks and ZXPlay for VPS7 Smile

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@noballz Yes there is another offer going on .

8GB Ram KVM Linux VPS - SP (France)
8GB Ram
4xCPU (Shared)
100GB Disk Space
5TB Bandwidth
i will surely give it a whirl once i get my cash from ma clients, i did not read the post properly since i'm in a hurry, do you provide some ddos protection?
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@Decent12 USA VPS Does not come with DDoS Protection .

But 8GB Ram KVM Linux VPS - SP (France) - $6.99/m comes with OVH DDoS Protection

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