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Hi, the thread about ad blocking is closed, understandably as otherwise it would probably fill up with me too stuff. But some folks in the mybb community have been discussing it, see this thread. That thread might be worth encouraging a bit as some there seem interested in working on something for mybb

I looked into some wordpress plugins for our own site and got an idea of how difficult it can be, but I think it's worth discussing if it can help increase the site's income. I don't really think the ones that block the page and put up a message are the best way to do it. Replacing them with donate buttons and explanations is probably better. Anyway, just thought I'd mention the mybb forum thread.
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I think this could be a good idea but I'm not too sure. Ever since the original ad block thread here from staff, I've always remained to add an exception to this site. If users are really bother by blocking adblock then they will find a way around. Even a "block blocking ad-block" exists http://thenextweb.com/apps/2016/02/11/ar...und-we-go/
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(2017-01-10, 3:31:32 pm)Matthew425 Wrote:  @Matthew425  - yes I think you're right as far as the dedicated adblockers are concerned, but for most people they just download a plug-in, it's almost no work. Overcoming adblockers takes research and work. The majority will, like you did, add an exception when asked, but we all need to be reminded from time to time. For sure, there isn't much to be done if someone is willing to expend time and energy.

Maybe just a little reminder somewhere in the header would be enough? Anyway, it was just a suggestion, it's up to the admins, obviously.
We do have a sticky thread in the announcements section regarding the use of ad blockers, but this will be discussed with the staff to see if anything needs to be changed, and if so, what would be the best way to do it.

My opinion on the matter though (does not necessarily reflect the views of other staff at FreeVPS), I personally don't like it when any website forces the user to disable adblock software before content can be accessed, and I'm sure a considerable number would agree with me on that.
I think our current system of, allowing the user to choose, but politely ask that it is disabled, is the best thing we can do without causing annoyance, but that being said, the reminder thread is quite old now. It will probably need reviewed since the stats may have changed. As said previously, the staff will discuss this at some stage during the week. Thanks for your suggestion!
(2017-01-11, 12:21:32 pm)cw1998 Wrote:  I personally don't like it when any website forces the user to disable adblock software before content can be accessed, and I'm sure a considerable number would agree with me on that.

I did try to enforce disabling adblock on one of my websites. The outcome I saw was a high bounce rate, then gradually lower search engine ranking and eventually lost significant number of audience. People just don't like it.

I personally do not want freevps to follow this path. It won't help increase the site's income.

The only workable way to increase the site's income is to maintain high-quality content. After all, content is king.
I would say the same. If you force people to disable adblock then they would simply wouldn't use the site. I don't use adblock but I know lots of people use it and they wouldn't disable it just because of one website. That would make them even more suspicious and would avoid the site.
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Closing this thread and marking as dismissed. We decided that we are not going to implement any adblock prevention. We would like to encourage members though to add an exception for FreeVPS if they are using ad blocking software, but we will not be making it a requirement to use the site or to get a VPS.
Please read this thread if you have not already: https://freevps.us/thread-7533.html

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