Game like investigation genre?
Hi again! hope your are well!!!

Some of you can recommend me some like "Undertale", what in mean, is a game with plot twist and a lot of mysteries, more interested on the story than the gameplay! i love any genre :3

Also i love investigation and trial games like Phoenix Wright and danganronpa, so any recommendation going that way, will be truly appreciated Wink
I've such play Open world, Action, Assassination, Investigation theme based by Assassins. Yup it is Assassins's Creed Laugh
try Assassins's Creed 3 ++. It has rich feature of ac series.

or maybe, try batman series and Sherlock Holmes on steam
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The best investigation game is based on the famous television series, the CSI Miami, Las Vegas, etc. I have this game, but this is very old, I think it's more than 10 years old game, and not sure that it has a newer version. But I'm sure that it should work in Virtual PC.
I absolutely recommend this Visual Novel (No gameplay) just pure story
Higurashi - When they cry (New version)
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Black Mirror:
This is absolutely one of my favorite games out there in the click & point + investigation adventure genre! I have played the first part over five times atleast already. And I've also played the other parts atleast three times. The story is simply awesome.

No matter how the first part looks in terms of graphics I could still play it over and over again with the other parts of the series which of course matured with time and have better graphics.

The gameplay is the classic and great click and point experience as mentioned before. You combine items to solve issues and investigate around the scene to continue the game. You interact with NPC characters that are parts of the story in order to continue and gain valuable information through discussions on story related subjects.

More games from the same genre below.

Secret Files
Sherlock Holmes
Syberia is another top notch game of this genre. The story is beautiful. A third part is apparently scheduled for Q1 2017 (according to Steam). I'm going to play it once it is out there.

Gray Matter is a game I've seen being recommended quite often but I've never played it myself. It has a overall very positive rating. So it might be worth it Smile .

A few more

^ That is just the list of games I could find on Steam. I remember that I've played a lot more games but I just couldn't find them.
wowww thanks all, wonderful recommendations, would try to get those :3
There was a Sherlock Holmes game called Crimes & Punishments. I think it was released in 2014. Another one is The Vanishing of Ethan Carter which was released in same year.
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L.A. Noire is a great game if you wanna try that type of game. Give it a go its quite cheap on steam.
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You might be interested in a game named "Sherlock Holmes and The Hound of The Baskervilles". It is avaiable even on Steam if you want to purchase it.
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Last game I played and Love it is Murdered: Soul Suspect
The gameplay is just amazing wish game was little longer

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