(2017-01-12, 9:03:52 pm)HMR Wrote: Looks like there are too much ad popups Sad
Ads are good but popups,
I guess this would flam an bad impression in users mind.

Agreed, the ad popups are insanely annoying and obtrusive. You should seriously remove them.

(2017-01-13, 3:57:31 am)arsalahmed786 Wrote: Are you hosting your own vps's
Like giving on your own server.

@Decent12 already stated it, it's their own servers (not sponsored).
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Just want to ask: Why no Control Panel? There is other options (other than Solus).
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Hmm. I haven't encountered any popups. Make sure to have twitter account setup and updated. That way people have another source where they can receive updates if something happens.
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