Cloudflare Redirect loop
I added cloudflare to hide my ip.
DNS Turned on my ip was not showing in cmd etc.
but my website went to redirect loop
The ssl from Cloudflare was on and lets encrypt was on Will it cause prblem?
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Yes, that will cause problems. One thing I did to fix that was to install the cloudflare ssl fix wordpress plugin. Are you using WordPress, or just standalone html?

Anyways, you may always turn off Cloudflare's ssl to use Let's Encrypt, or the other way around. If you're using cloudflare's ssl and cpanel, be sure to setup a page rule for your cpanel web address, as it disables the css from loading.
@arsalahmed786, do you have SSL redirects on? You cannot have auto-redirects for SSL with CloudFlare SSL enabled.

Like @Lux said, disable either one, and it should work.
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If you still want to hide your IP address, then you should disable Let's Encrypt.

You just need to make sure you have added page rule of "Always use HTTPS" that lets Cloudflare to redirect all your http traffic to https.
You'll have to add a page rule to disable always-on SSL for the location of the LE script, or the always-on SSL could cause issues. Shouldn't be causing the redirect loop though
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Why use Let's Encrypt for secure transmission of data between CF and your server? A self-signed certificate might be easier and do the job as well?
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