[CLOSED] 0 VPSs Available! - January Giveaway 2017
VPS 1 seems to be the best on this list, and oh oh oh, it's KVM, but I'll pass this round. Good luck to everyone that is aiming to win a VPS!
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Nope, not happening. Applied for VPS 1 (sorry @Rick), good luck to all that applied!
-karatekidmonkey (https://codeco.pw)
Thanks to ZXPlay for my VPS!


(2017-01-16, 10:29:18 am)karatekidmonkey Wrote:  Must...resist...temptation..for...another....VPS....1

Nope, not happening. Applied for VPS 1 (sorry @Rick), good luck to all that applied!

You are a very gross person... There goes my chance for VPS 1

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[Image: img.php?v2=1&userid=19312]
NoUptime SSD VPS:
[Image: 6072702203.png]
VPS 18:
Thanks to FreeVPS for VPS18
[Image: 6072706927.png]
some people with 1k score was apply for vps1, I prefer to get vps which might I get, the location of the US to run the project that i target

I was a little disappointed with the change ip on my vps, now like being in a small datacenter with speed unstable
someone might want to exchange with me? just kidding, it looks like the officer did not allow it

good luck to all that applied!
Small but awesome giveaway, VPS 1 again available.KVMs are also a special attraction.I hope to try my luck.
All the best every one.
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Not so many VPS available this time. Even just a single vps18. That VPS1 from ZXPlay looks very irresistible. ))
[Image: img.php?userid=8114&vps1]

I wish there were more VPS choices so there would be a better chance of me winning something good. D:
So we reached another giveaway, i can see a lot of good VPS, also there will be a nice competition for the people running for a better VPS.

Good luck everyone who are applying for VPS.
Thanks @Lampard . I really need a good stable VPS. because my all vps's are end and i don't have any payment for it. Hope i will be a winner from one of my choices.
Now this time some competition would seen for those legendary vpses,
Good luck for vps1 users Tounge
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[Image: img.php?userid=17802]

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