[CLOSED] 0 VPSs Available! - January Giveaway 2017
13 0 VPSs Available! 

VPSs Available:
  • 1x VPS 1
  • 1x VPS 2
  • 1x VPS 3
  • 1x VPS 6
  • 1x VPS 14
  • 4x 2x VPS 15
  • 2x 1x VPS 16
  • 1x VPS 18
  • 1x VPS 26
Compare VPSs here: https://freevps.us/compare/#1,2,3,6,14,15,16,18,26

The winners will be decided on Tuesday 17th January 2017

Good Luck!

Important note if you are applying for a VPS 15 or VPS 16. Please include in your request which operating system you would like installed, and in which location you want the VPS (if multiple locations are available). Please say if you have no preference, and any location available will be selected automatically. If you do not specify which OS you want, your request may be delayed, or if demand is high, your request may be ignored, and given to another requesting user.

Information on owning two VPSs:

Please read the information in this thread for information on owning 2 VPSs: https://freevps.us/thread-17136.html

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  2. Make sure you meet the requirements, the requirements page also details how you can go about applying for a VPS.
  3. If you want a VPS, post your application in the VPS Requests forum (before you do this read How to apply).
  4. Read the how to apply guide before applying. Applications in a wrong format or with missing entries may be ignored!
  5. Read the game server policy before applying!
Corrected link to compare VPS: https://freevps.us/compare/#1,2,3,6,14,15,16,18,26

That big VPS 1 for those that needs an extra bit of power. VPS 18 being the most classic choice of American VPS. Not that huge a giveaway, but definitely good enough.
(2017-01-15, 11:23:58 pm)Erno Wrote:  Corrected link to compare VPS: https://freevps.us/compare/#1,2,3,6,14,15,16,18,26

Corrected in the main post now,
Thanks for pointing that out! I forgot to change it from the last giveaway  :computerrage:
I was about to point that thing about compare
Well there are still good VPS's amazing in this giveaway, Like VPS 1 OR 2 OR 16
I have applied for them:'D Let's see what i get !Smile
Good luck to everyone!
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Good vpses as always, i am thinking about getting another VPS Tounge, Good luck to everyone who applies
Hmm, I need a beefy KVM for playing around with some software... Maybe I'll aim for the VPS 1, though I'm sure someone with a higher score is also trying...
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I think this is the smallest giveaway in the last couple of months.. but only small in count not quality though. Good luck

As always, vps 1 would be my favourite. I like kvm for its freedom.
Many thanks to Freevps, Chris (cw1998), The Guy( ID 4810), optimus, GHP and the other  staff members.
I hope I win a VPS but then I think I need a better score to win something good. I'm trying to get VPS #2, 14, or 18. I hope I win VPS #2 becuase I want the 2GB ram and the nice close LA location...

The winners will be decided on Tuesday 17th December 2016 ???
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[Image: img.php?userid=13419]
I hope to win a VPS which has KVM and is closer to me this time (I'm from The Netherlands), so I opted for VPS 1 and 6. I guess there are a lot of people who have a better score than I have, so the chance of winning one shall be quite small...

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