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Hello Friends,
                    I have installed wordpress on my site.I will share software's, games, apps, etc. I am using sahifa theme on my site. Tell me about its theme. How it looks?
Great 5-letter domain, does it stand for something?
I don't really like the theme, never had. As it looks too generic already.
How about something at

I like this theme, but I think it's too pricey. (70 dollars)
Have you bought it or it's nulled?
Just installed?
I like your theme.
Seeing some posts which was made before months in the home page, regular posting and updation will help you to make your site popular.No themes would.
It's looks very clean and nice.
But one thing really concerns me,
Have you seriously bought that theme?
Because at footer it says Designed by @RizwaN

@QT- Sometime it matters, If the theme is not good why would people gonna visit but if the content is really good people may.
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Website looks simple and nice.

My Opinion:
Logo could be better. I feel it looks odd when compare to Theme.

Link font is in same black color.So it difficult to different normal and link text.
"Download: click me" in this page
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Hi there,

I've had a look at your wordpress theme, everything looks good for a basic game apps post related stuff. But if you really want to make it look better; I will suggest you to work on the logo or the main header image, containing the words : Universe of Software, and the diagnol Believe me, that will really enhance the look. Also that purple color for titles looks little unfamiliar. I believe that you're trying to be unique with the theme colors. But when we look at the professional sites, purple color is rarely seen on one of them. There must be reason, probably users don't like the feel.

You can take an example of forums, it simply feels like we're at home. Kind of familiar feel. That color is good, but I think that looks little unrealistic, I mean something that is just drawn out with more than necessary force on crayon. You know what I mean.,

I hope that will help you to make that blog looks better. Best wishes Smile
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Looks really good, nice template, but noticed one thing when I scroll down navigation (right side) follows, but upper part of search widget is hidden, I think it's because of responsive parameters in css (my laptop has smaller display than usual).
The only thing I don't like is logo, I think you should improve it or remove at all, looks like fb cover made with Adobe Photoshop CS3

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