[VPS 20, 24] Loss of Control Panel Access
Hello members with VPS 20 or VPS 24.

Due to the provider's changeover from SolusVM to Virtualizor as a Control Panel for their service, a number of issues arose with our reseller account. Meaning that FreeVPS members could not access the control panel, and the staff could not access the control panel to fix this.
After discussion with the provider, the solution they have come up with is to assign the VPSs to a single account, that is managed by FreeVPS staff. Unfortunately this means that should you need any changes made to your VPS that require the control panel, you will have to contact us, similar to the current setup for HostUS (VPS 15 and 16).

We are sorry that it has had to come to this. We are also aware that a couple of members with these VPSs have had issues accessing their VPSs. We will be able to sort this out when we get access to the new control panel account.
The VPS Info & Requirements page, and the comparator will be updated with these changes in due course.

Edit: Before this change happens, you should still be able to access the control panel by using the email address you had associated with your account on SolusVM, and the last password you remember using on SolusVM.

Best Regards,

Edit: The provider has contacted me with a different solution. I will be contacting the affected users shortly.

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