[SOLVED] Can't reach https://master.fuzzyhosts.com
As the title says, I can't access https://master.fuzzyhosts.com. I can't edit my VPS.
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We will leave this for 24 hours or so before making contact. If it down for everyone, then FuzzyHosts will have noticed by now, and are probably working on restoring it.
It is down for me as well. http://isup.me/master.fuzzyhosts.com/
-karatekidmonkey (https://codeco.pw)
Thanks to ZXPlay for my VPS!


I wonder how much time did anyone here waited before posting. Normally, if my provider had issues, I'd probably wait at least 24 hours if urgent and normally around 72 hours or more (probably more). There's always a downtime issue somewhere (they're very common). But that doesn't mean it's necessary to post about it. Because someone somewhere is working on it. And whether you post here or not. The result will be the same. Oh well. Maybe that's just me being weird as usual.
^ Although I understand what SLC means, I still think we should not wait long before posting if urgent.

The reason is if the OP waited 24 hours before posting and our admin would also waited 24 hours before contacting with FuzzyHosts, it will be at least 48 hours in total.
Its already been more than 24 hours and their website is still down.
[Image: 5d79e0f7c0732ca3a1c85a3e5f4f9498.gif]                                                                                    [Image: thapple.gif~c200]
I can confirm.. It's down from here too.

As always, umm well, most of the times, i think slc is bang on the point. None is going to get their undies in a twist for free users only. Hence.. That train will move at its own pace. . Cause i never heard anyone doing a viability test on whether a beach-full of people could move a ship just by blowing together at it..

But realistically, people should wait for not more than an hour. Just to reduce the burden on your conscience.
Many thanks to Freevps, Chris (cw1998), The Guy( ID 4810), optimus, GHP and the other  staff members.
it was down earlier too, but their sponser replied here, it seems there is no update on there website until now about the downtime.
Anyway it is down here.
About downtime it is always better to report sooner as possible as if it is a ddos the webhost will get alerted and they may can take necessary solutions to overcome.
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Time out errors here as well.

Looks like the server is really down. Host node seems to be up though. Only the master is down.
Their SolusVM panel doesn't work even for me too. Anyway is your VPS running? They may maintenance their panel but forgot to notify their clients.
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